Frequently asked questions

why should i be baptized?

It's clearly established in the Bible that you become a Christian by accepting God's free gift of grace. For example, the thief of the cross hanging beside Jesus was saved on the spot and yet, he was never baptized. While baptism is not what saves us, baptism is necessary in that Christ commands it. It's better to think of it like this: baptism is to salvation as a wedding ceremony is to a marriage. It's an external declaration of an internal decision. All genuine Christ-followers should want to obey Jesus by doing what He did. Even Jesus, the perfect son of God, showed us the importance of baptism by being baptized himself.

How does North Star baptize people?

While some churches sprinkle, baptism by being dunked was the undisputed church practice for the first 1,300 years of church history. In fact, no early denominational church leaders argued that point. The very word "baptism" means "to immerse" and that's what the Bible records. So here at North Star, we believe that if you are physically able, you should get completely dunked. Sprinkling began later in church history due to water shortages, and also became the mode of baptism most practical for baptizing infants.

does north star baptize infants?

Some churches baptize infants. Some choose not to baptize infants. While Christians can debate this, we should never divide over it. Many current North Star attenders were baptized as babies. At North Star, we don't baptize infants because every baptism recorded in the Bible occurred when someone was old enough to make a faith decision. Jesus blessed kids, but He didn't baptize them.

if i was baptized as an infant in a different church, should i get baptized again?

Your infant baptism was certainly a very special moment for your family. But at North Star, infant baptism is similar to what we call "child dedication". Once you personally come to age where you can decide for yourself to follow Christ, believer's baptism is the next step. Don't be afraid to get re-baptized as an act of worship and obedience to Christ.